Donkarleon a.k.a. Senzangakhona the second
was born in Kinshasa (Congo) and raised between Choisy Le Roi (South of Paris/France) and Rotterdam (the Netherlands). His musical career started at the age of 5 in the catholic choir of his grandfather. As an admirer of Soul music, his mother introduced him to soul legends like Marvin Gaye, the Pretenders and The Jackson 5. From 1994 he worked for 2 years as a radio announcer hosting one of the first and only rap show called "Tha Sheeznut".
on a regional Radio station near @ Rotterdam (second city of the Netherlands).
and in the meantime putted 2 bands together. the first a Rap formation named " Tha Hellfamilly and a second named " Skierzo" playing world music with a mixture of Salsa, Rap and Soul.
Donkarleon is also graduated as a sound engeneer.
He is a composer, writter( in many languages) and producer. He Raps in many languages and uses many african genres in his music.Though in years he released many mixtapes and official singles and videos. On the 25th-12-2013 , he released his first official album containing 18 songs called "Africadiziak part 1". With specialguest like Angelo Boss(Angola), Norma Sante(Suriname), Auxz Cruz(Caboverdie-Netherlands) , Vimbai Zimuto(Zimbabwe), Emeli Rose (The Netherlands).
A mix of congolese music combined with hip hop and many other african music styles.
Donkarleon also goes by the name of Afrobeats embassador. His musicstyle can be describe as Afrofusion. Merging many African musicstyle in one without loosing any authenticity.
The CD can be downloaded online at Itunes , Googleplay, Amazon and many more.

Life of a borned leader