The Ideology

Africadiziak the album is inspired by the great 8: Biko Steve from South Africa, Lumumba Patrice & Kimbangu Simon from Dr Congo, Mashel Samoura from Mozambique, Ngouabi Marien from Congo, Neto Augistino from Angola and Sankara Thomas from Burkina Faso. Those 8 sons of Africa were killed. Theire only crime was that they believed and fought for Africans. They believed that Africans should take full advantages of the richness of theire continent and should have a decent live in theire own countries. Those 8 heroes of Africa inspired Donkarleon to write, compose and produce Africadiziak.

Late DNA researches prove that African are the oldest living human on earth. Even older than that spiece called "Cromagon " prior to the Neaderthalers and described as ancestors of human spieces by " Charles Darwin" in/with his "Big Bang" theorie. This means that African "human Race" is older than that spiece long described as ancestor of humanity. African were living on earth more than at least 3000 years, before that sa called ancestor of humanity showed up. Modern European/Caucasians/ White people are the only human race that still carry 5% of his DNA.

African history & origins have been corrupted while modern Africa is being rapped from her soil and millions of Africans worldwide are mistreated, victims of xenofoby, Racism & live as second rang citizens in & outside Africa.

Africadiziak means paradisiac Africa. Donkarleon believes that God is the power behind the creation of Human( African). for more than 3000 years Africans live on earth, builded nations worldwide based of love, peace, knowledge & harmony. There is no records of populations killing eatch other or making wars from that time.

Untill the birth of that so called ancestor of "modern human" . That ancestor of modern "Whiteman"(Neanderthaler) fought for everything including fire, food & locations. Records of theire brutal lifestyle are well documented.


The project called Africadiziak is builded in 2 music albums. The first album contains 18 songs. In Africadiziak part 1, we celebrate those glory 5.000 years(b.C) of African human history before the start of the killing of human race. We celebrate the building of greatnesses like the pyramides( wolrdwide) science, Religion and mostly love. Africadiziak is the soundtrack in the battle of humanity against evil. the restoration of God 's Kingdom . #IAMAFRICADIZIAK